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I remember last year reading about a billionaire. The interviewer asked him how much he really valued all his extremely expensive possessions. His answer struck me as being among the wisest things I’ve ever heard.’Well’,replied the billionaire,’I don’t value my things per se…I appreciate them,of course,but I don’t really value them.’ The interviewer was incredulous! ‘Why?’ she spat in shock. ‘…….because everything I have is temporary…I am only its keeper for a short while…..’

I believe that the true weight and wisdom of that comment can only be understood by those who have lost someone very,very close to them. Life is temporary,nothing lasts forever,everything passes….

Yesterday,I cleared out my wardrope/closet…I can’t believe all the stuff I had in there that I never even wore,that,in fact,I hated! What was that about?! I guess its about trying to hang on to that moment when we bought each jumper/jeans/tee-shirt,about those minutes filled with the hope of all the cool and glamour and sex-appeal we just knew our new wonderbuy would bring us. And maybe it did,or maybe it didn’t,but either way we need to move on,coz that train has now left the station! All that nastiness clogging up our closets only prevents us from bringing in fresh,new garment lovliness to our lives…and when we do,a fresh,spacey closet helps us appreciate our new hopes to their full potential. And at least I can now say in full and utter justification,’I have nothing to wear’!

Of course,I did hang onto some memories….and I have yet to trawl through my dress collection…I believe I will absolutely need several more cups of tea and several more hours of contemplation before I can even begin to start on that particular clearout!